Roxanne Stuhr

Roxanne Stuhr

About GreenSpace


“Every landscape evolves over time. I want the design process, from conception to installation, to reflect and honor the cycles of growth and maturity within nature while integrating the needs of the client.  Creating a natural environment that will be meaningful and long lasting requires listening to the client, to the space, to nature, and to the architecture, then giving voice through a design. This process blends the enduring principles of landscape design with the vision of the client, what is true in nature, and the creativity, knowledge and intuition of the designer. The result is a unique union of place and landscape.”


Roxanne T. Stuhr

Roxanne is a gardener at heart, a cyclist and a nature photographer hobbyist. She grew up gardening and financed her college education in business administration and landscape architecture with her own garden maintenance business, which she began as a teenager. Since then, she has continued to grow within the green industry having had experience within a design build firm; within a concrete and masonry service; and within a nursery acting as a project manager, sales support and lead designer.

Roxanne has the breadth and depth of experience to knowledgeably and confidently “talk landscape” in all of the many layers that comprise our outdoor spaces. After more than 35 years in this work, she remains inspired and motivated by her clients. She does so by connecting people to their experiences of nature through shared stories, and each is as unique as the person she is working with within each new green space. She fully believes and embraces the interconnection of each of us to all things, and as such, believes design must  supportively  meet and work with what is true for you and within nature.