Edibles in Your Garden

Spring is a busy season for plants and people alike. The energy needed requires inputs to sustain one's stamina in the midst of all that is being planted and is growing.

One of my favorite treats is fresh fruit from the garden. In my own garden, I have strawberries, and so much more. I just finished harvesting my Honeyberries (sweet tasting), and soon, my Juneberrries (a.k.a. Serviceberries) will be ready. Both are pictured here, and they will be followed by my tart cherries and later my black chokeberries.

A large lot is not required to grow food for yourself. I live on a 30 x 150 foot lot with much of it consumed by a Bungalow and garage footprint, and quite honestly, my shrubs and trees feed me and many of my friends and neighbors too.

So, the next time you want to plant acid loving blueberries in our alkaline soils, consider one of the many options which grow incredibly well here. They are low input plants, but their output is colorful and "fruitabulous"!

Honey Berries
Service Berries (AKA June Berries)