Pathways Through our Landscapes

The pathways between winter and spring, and between here and there tend to meander. If that is a true statement, then how do we create a sense of certainty as we move through the seasons and our landscapes?

I believe it is important to create paths of a surefooted nature. To do this, we may consider many materials, but those with a flat surface laid to accommodate varying gaits will allow us to take in what is around us in our landscapes rather than moving our attention to our feet with each step taken.

A well laid path acknowledges that there are varying strides and each of us begins our journey with a different foot leading the way. Additionally, we do not walk in a tight rope or balance beam fashion, so paths are not effective if laid in this manner.

We can meander through our gardens and the seasons, while allowing all of our visitors to take in the beauty of the walkabout without hesitation. Enjoy the ever evolving experiences of your gardens with well laid paths guiding you into what is next!

Pathway 3.jpg